New to Medicare?

“I am so confused!!” This is the most common statement I hear from seniors when we meet at their kitchen tables. And after 26 years of discussing Medicare and the insurance that goes with it, I can totally understand why they feel this way. It is indeed confusing.

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Open Enrollment

Already on Medicare Supplement?

What if you are not new to Medicare and you really like your comprehensive Medicare Supplement, but the price over the years has gone up dramatically, and it has become a burden financially for you.

There are only 4 options:

OPTION 1: Keep what you have if you can afford it, but that is probably not an easy option.

OPTION 2: Drop your plan and have Medicare alone. The last thing one should ever do is go it alone with only Medicare. Medicare by itself has no out-of-pocket maximums. I would hate to think of the costs one could incur with no insurance protection beyond Medicare. Unlimited medical expenses with no Cap? I would never recommend this to my parents - nor anyone else for that matter.

"Thanks for getting my Dad the Medicare supplement insurance. He thought he didn't need it, but as it turned out, about four months later, he had to have triple-bypass surgery. The insurance was great. What would we have done if he hadn't taken it out?" --Kathy M.

OPTION 3: Find a new, lower-priced comprehensive Medicare Supplement plan.

If you are healthy enough to qualify for a new plan we work with lots of companies and can possibly find you a great plan at a better price than your current coverage.

"Thanks for helping me with my Medicare supplement. I can certainly benefit from the $588 savings. Thanks also for reviewing my other insurances. I had no idea some of those benefits had reduced at age 65. I can do a lot more with that $832 than spend it on insurance whose benefits are cut in half." -- Garnett D.

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OPTION 4: Consider the Medicare Advantage Plan options.

Every October, the “Annual Open Enrollment” period brings tons of questions and concerns for people of all ages on Medicare. It truly can be quite overwhelming. Medicare Advantage plans can be a perfect fit some people. We work with lots of plans from lots of companies. We can help you shop for a good fit for you.

"At first we were unsure about leaving our comprehensive Medicare Supplements, but the price was just getting so high. Even though we were quite nervous at first, we went ahead and listened to the advice from Byron and got into our Medicare Advantage plans. We now have co-pays for doctor visits and just about everything else - but we are still coming out ahead financially overall. Plus we really like the free gym membership and the free over-the-counter supplies that we get from our plan. It has been several years now and we are so glad we took that step!!" -- Dan & Pam M.

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Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

For most people at age 65, a prescription Rx plan through Part D of Medicare is a necessity. We use a software program to compare all of the possible Part D plans in any given state to determine which plan has the best COST PER YEAR for you based on your specific prescription needs.

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Help With Prescription Savings

If you have a limited income and limited resources, you may be able to qualify for assistance with paying for your Part D Medicare Prescription Drug coverage (help with both premiums and co-pays). Here is a link to Medicare's EXTRA HELP PROGRAM to learn more and to apply.

Here are a few ideas and sites to try if you:

* Do not qualify for the EXTRA HELP PROGRAM

* Fall into the Medicare Part D "donut hole"

* Have prescriptions that are not on your plan's Formulary

* Do not qualify for Medicare Part D coverage

Be sure to also check with the PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURER of your medicine as they usually have PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS that can help you to get low- to no-cost medicines. These programs are not very hard to qualify for because on higher cost prescriptions, they will allow for higher household incomes in order to receive the help.

You may even do a Google Search for Canada prescriptions. We have seen some of our members save some significant money when buying their prescriptions from Canada and other countries. You must, however, do a little "homework" to be sure it is a good solution for you.

Here are a few other potential resources ….

There are over 2,500 benefit programs available nationwide.

Find out what benefits may be available in your area.

1. Medicine Pills
2. Medications Doctor Symbol
3. Health Care Money
4. Income Assistance Basket of Food
5. Food & Nutrition House
6. Housin & Utilities Piggy Bank
7. Tax Relief Medal
8. Veteran Briefcase
9. Employment
10. And More. is sponsored by

National Council on Aging

Critical Illness

What happens if I have my Supplement or Advantage plan in place and I have a major illness - like getting Cancer or having a Heart Attack or a Stroke? Will I be sufficiently protected? Many people have no idea of the costs incurred for a critical illness that their medical insurance will not cover. Watch this quick video to learn what some of those costs may be and how you can protect yourself.

“I felt it was very unlikely that I would be among the one out of three who gets cancer. But I am thankful that I went ahead and took your advice to sign up for the risk-free plan, even while I was still thinking about it. This was definitely to my advantage, since I was diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks later. It is especially comforting to know that cancer will not be financially devastating to me and my family. Major medical insurance just simply isn’t covering all my needs.” --Dianne C.

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Would you prefer to recuperate at HOME instead of in a Nursing Home?

Watch this quick video about a great plan to help you do just that. Click here for more details.

With GTL’s Home Healthcare Plan you can recuperate at home instead of a Nursing Home by having more money to pay for your care at home - both Skilled and Non-Skilled care.


Long-Term Care

You probably know people who have spent considerable time in a Nursing Home and have spent every dime they have set aside their whole life. This is where LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE comes to the rescue.

“Since my dad is now in the rest home, we really understand the value of having long-term care insurance to protect our assets and to ensure quality care. Hopefully we'll never need it, but they say half of us over 65 eventually will. We are glad we have the protection.” --Chrysta M.

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Healing Resources

If you are currently struggling with a health challenge - or know someone who is - check out these HEALING RESOURCES found on

You can also read our daughter Victoria's Healing Testimony here.


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