About Us

We are a family living in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. I own a couple of businesses, and my wife is a full-time mom, business partner and my best friend. We are so thankful to be blessed with a son named Paul and a daughter named Victoria.

I started in the insurance business in 1996, and most of our 4,800-plus members come to us by WORD OF MOUTH.

It has always been my practice to treat my clients as I would hope an insurance agent would treat my family if I were not in the business and dependent on someone else's knowledge. This has proven to work extremely well based on the number of referrals that come to us every week!!

We would love the opportunity to EARN your TRUST and your business. Why not simply email or give us a call (828.648.9984) so we can set up a time to meet individually at your convenience.

REFERRALS are our bread and butter, so if we have ever been of assistance to you, then please PASS A GOOD WORD ON TO OTHERS ABOUT US. Also, please like us on Facebook.

We would love to hear from you!!

Meet the Family

When you first came to my door I thought I was not interested in anything you had to offer. But I'm glad I was willing to at least listen because now I have much better insurance coverage for far less money thanks to your insights. It sure pays to be open-minded." --Mary M.

Meet Jodi

Customer Service and Research Assistant for Medicare Part D

Hello, my name is Jodi Robinson. I have been with Smoky Mountain Group since 2009. I help answer questions on the phone, and I also work along with Byron on finding your best options when choosing a Part D drug plan. I live in the Bethel Community with my husband Bennie and two sons, Bryson and Brooks. Bennie works in construction and is also the Youth Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. It has been a blessing to work for a company that keeps Faith and Family at the forefront. I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way!

Jodi Robinson

Meet Jessica

Administrative & Technical Assistance

Hi, my name is Jessica Moore. I am a lifelong resident of Haywood County. My husband Wayne and I have 4 kids: Emily, Rachael, Delilah and Christian. We also have 3 grandchildren. I started working with Smoky Mountain Group in 2019. Working with Smoky Mountain Group has been a blessing to our family and it is my goal as the Administrative and Technical Assistant to help my community by helping to solve problems and giving excellent member customer service.

Jessica Moore

Meet Betsy

Health Insurance for Non-Medicare

My name is Betsy Freeman, and I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina. My husband Randall and I moved here to Haywood County in 2002. I started working with Byron in 2009 as his office assistant. In 2010, he assisted me in getting my insurance license and since then he has helped me to grow my own business. I specialize in helping people who are not yet on Medicare with their health insurance needs. Smoky Mountain Group is a wonderful company to work for and I am very happy to be a part of it!

Betsy Freeman

Meet Carol

Personal Assistant to Martha

Hi, my name is Carol Vinton. I am Martha's Mom and have been with Smoky Mountain Group since 2008. I am a CPA and my background is in bookkeeping and accounting. I have kept the books for Smoky Mountain Group and now fulfill many roles helping in the operations of the company and serving our members. I am also the CEG - Chief Executive Grandma to Paul and Victoria!

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