Need a Health Insurance plan qualified through the Affordable Care Act?  We work diligently to keep up with the ever changing laws concerning health insurance these days.  
"Although there are many problems with the Affordable Care Act, it was a true life saver for me. Just after my coverage started I was diagnosed with CANCER. Without the medical plan that Byron got for me, my bills would have topped over half a million dollars. I am so grateful I was able to get that plan - just in time. You just never know.” --Yolanda F.

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For information on an alternative to the ACA - Obamacare plans you may want to check out HEALTH CARE SHARING MINISTRIES. These plans are FAITH BASED "Sharing Programs." They are NOT insurance, but they do exempt you from the penalties for not having health insurance under the ACA law. These programs can be less expensive than ACA plans - particularly if you do not qualify for a subsidy under those plans. This is the kind of program that my family personally uses to meet our health insurance needs. We pay less than 1/4th of the cost of an ACA plan.

These Options are available at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR and are also Guaranteed Issue.

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Many people ask us regularly about Dental plans. I have only ever found a couple of plans that really work. The best thing I like about the plans that I do recommend is that there is no network!! You don't have to change your dentist or find one who takes the plan! You can go to any dentist you choose - if they file it for you then great - if they don't file it, then just pay your bill and send in a copy of your dental procedures receipt you get from the dentist and get reimbursed - simple!
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Sometimes when you are between jobs, etc., you need some short term health coverage. We have a simple solution. DO NOT, however, use this link if you want a Health Insurance Plan that has the MINIMAL ESSENTIAL COVERAGE to AVOID THE PENALTIES for not having a Health Insurance Plan!

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Are you traveling outside of America on BUSINESS, going on VACATION or even taking a short term MISSION TRIP? No matter what your primary medical plan says, it is so inexpensive to get Foreign Travel Health coverage that everyone should consider a separate plan that covers you for the duration of your trip. It is guaranteed coverage and also some great PEACE OF MIND.
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What happens if I have my Major Medical Health Insurance plan in place and I have a major illness - like getting Cancer or having a Heart Attack or a Stroke? Will I be sufficiently protected? Many people have no idea of the costs incurred for a critical illness that their medical insurance will not cover. Watch this quick video to learn what some of those costs may be and how you can protect yourself.

“I felt it was very unlikely that I would be among the one out of three who gets cancer. But I am thankful that I went ahead and took your advice to sign up for the risk-free plan, even while I was still thinking about it. This was definitely to my advantage, since I was diagnosed with cancer only a few weeks later. It is especially comforting to know that cancer will not be financially devastating to me and my family. Major medical insurance just simply isn’t covering all my needs.” --Dianne C.
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Telemedicine - 24X7 Access to Medical Care

TELEMEDICINE is a type of service where members who have questions or are simply not feeling well can effortlessly connect to our 24x7 telehealth hotline for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, second opinions and consultations. We have board-certified, licensed physicians in every state waiting to provide exceptional care. They can even prescribe medication and save a trip to the doctor's office, whether members are at home or on the road.

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You probably know people who have spent considerable time in a Nursing Home and have spent every dime they have set aside their whole life.  This is where LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE comes to the rescue.  

“Since my dad is now in the rest home, we really understand the value of having long-term care insurance to protect our assets and to ensure quality care. Hopefully we'll never need it, but they say half of us over 65 eventually will. We are glad we have the protection.” --Chrysta M.

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If you are currently struggling with a health challenge - or know someone who is - check out these HEALING RESOURCES found on  

You can also read our daughter Victoria's Healing Testimony here.